To be blunt: this blog is really for me. Entering my third marriage, I needed to regain faith and optimism in the face of a debilitating past. Scared of failing yet again, I needed an outlet to overcome my fears. Many times when we feel our lowest, we also feel alone. I had no one to talk to during my low points. As a result I felt so alone and beneath everyone. It is also impossible to convey the difficulties of being a single mom. Financial difficulties, social isolation/shunning, single parenting , and guilt are a few things that have paralyzed me over the years. Pushing forward has been incredibly difficult. 

At some point, you get fed up with the judgment and pity. Others’ prejudices bleeding into my vulnerability like ink onto white cloth.  

Upon much reflection, I refuse to let my story paralyze anymore. It is time to use my story to help and inspire others. I am obviously not a professional or someone with all the answers. But if my story serves one purpose, it’s this: You are not alone.  As a Special Education teacher that specializes in mild/moderate disabilities, I understand the power that comes from giving the marginalized a voice.

So by all means, reach out and comment. I will respond. I am here for you. I hope my story helps you heal and helps you feel somewhat normal. And if anyone says you’re not good enough tell them to fuck off because you are worth it. 

I am better off healed than I ever was unbroken, friends.